Immortality herb is commonly known as Jiaogulan or Gynostemma Pentaphylum, which is the scientific name and how is it associated with longevity? This is a question many people have been asking recently. Known as a herbaceous plant, which means it has stems and leaves that die at the end of the season, it is a member of the cucumber family.

What is the Immortality herb Plant?


It will grow in many parts where conditions are right. The temperatures must be mild, and the soil in which it is grown must be a very well draining soil. It also requires full sun. This herb was only a local herb until quite recently. It was mainly used in southern China, where the people called it an ‘immortality herb.’ Other parts also used this herb.It was used to make tea.
Immortality herb health benefits
Studies recently have shown Immortality herb contains many ingredients. The properties that Immortality herb is known for such as preventing stress from causing an imbalance in the body have been found in this herb as well. Also, there have been preliminary studies that show it may help to maintain blood pressure already in the normal range as well as the following:

– Fight fatigue
– Provide more physical endurance and strength mostly the bones.
– Improves metabolism
– Enhance immunity-once taken the immunity system of the body improves greatly

Jiaogulan is sometimes called “Southern Ginseng” or “poor man’s ginseng.” This is not purely accurate since it is not related ginseng. This herb is called an adaptogen. This is what those who work with herbs call the natural herbs that help the body to resist anxiety, trauma, fatigue and stress. Referred to as tonics or rejuvenators, they do have antioxidants, however, this is not what is supposed to be their main purpose. It may also assist the body’s normal response to inflammation by fighting harmful free radicals. It may help to keep the body functioning normally and relieving the body of wastes and toxins. It is a powerful herb that will be studied more in the future to find out what other useful properties it contains

old-book-white-background-48714872The earliest written documentation of this herb is in a book from 1848. The Ahi Wu Ming Shi Tu Kao Chang Bian book was written by Wu Qi-Jun and has a few references to the use of Immortality herb as a medicinal herb. As food, it was mentioned in a book from 1406 by Zu-Xi called Materia medica for Famine.

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